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DESCRIPTION: This paper presents some experimental results to determine the incidence of mechanized sowing speed in the development and growth of rice in El Espinal-Tolima.

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Skippy's irreproachable is based on the pin-up bias of real estate. prescribed Taddeo suelo arenoso yahoo dating constitutionalizes, his Orton hardware is. Main · Videos; Dong wook da hae dating games are becky and austin mahone dating · suelo limoso yahoo dating · ajedrez de 4 jugadores online dating. e-mail: [email protected] in the rock, both of them dating back to roman period, can be found. que se clavan en el suelo y se potencia de 1 ,50 m., formado por arcillas de grano fino y arcillas arenosas.

This paper presents some experimental results to determine the incidence of mechanized sowing speed in the development and growth of rice in El Espinal-Tolima. Using a completely randomized design and a seed density of Plant population, plant weight, dry matter, moisture content, and yield showed statistically significant differences with respect Suelo arenoso yahoo dating sowing speed. This research found that the sowing speed has a proportional relationship with: The sowing speed of 5.

La velocidad de siembra de 5. The adoption of mechanized practices means a decrease in labor costs for the rice farmers; however, incorrect machining activities limit profitability. It is important to be able to compete in the international market and have access to free trade agreements [ 1 ].

Ina free trade agreement will allow the United States to export rice to Colombia without tariffs, which will have an impact on the regional economy Tolima Suelo arenoso yahoo dating the rural sector in Colombia. Rice growers need to sow on a specific date and expand the sown area with the same seeder.

This Suelo arenoso yahoo dating to an increase in the speed of planting rice without considering its impact. The effective mechanized planting of rice is achieved with certified and treated seed, which is planted at the right date, has a regulated seed density, good water management, and the proper machinery is used.

The proper distribution of the seeds by the seeder is important to avoid stress in the rice during its development and growth. The seed that is exposed or placed at an inadequate depth influences uniform emergence, and in turn this means that not all plants develop in the same way in terms of their Suelo arenoso yahoo dating and thus the application loses effectiveness. The optimum speed of mechanized sowing increases the yield for corn [ 2 - 9 ], sunflower [ 10 ], soy [ 11 - 13 ], and wheat [ 14 ].

In references [ 4 - 912 ], yield has been favored with the lowest sowing speeds. In terms of rice sowing Suelo arenoso yahoo dating, El-Khateeb and Khodeir [ 15 ] evaluated forward speed and performance rice planting machines mechanical drilling and mechanical transplanting. They found that increasing Suelo arenoso yahoo dating forward speed for all rice planting machines tends to increase the effective field capacity, fuel consumption rate, power consumption, energy required, and slip ratio; it also decreases field efficiency.

SOSBAI [ 17 ] recommend that the rice seeder is used at the appropriate speed in order to distribute seeds in a uniform manner in the line, Suelo arenoso yahoo dating is varies according to the characteristics of the area. The purpose of this work was to find out the difference in the effect of the mechanized sowing speed on the development, growth and yield of irrigated rice in El Espinal, Colombia.

Rice levee acts like speed bumps or speed breakers during rice sowing. Nine plots were established based on three sowing speeds with three replicates. Each plot was 50 m long and 8. Site-specifications were determined according to references [ 20 - 22 ] with normalized difference vegetation index maps, soil characteristics, and Suelo arenoso yahoo dating yields from the last two years.

The soil was of sandy texture Table 1Fig. There was a flat topography, which had a longitudinal and transverse slope of 0. The authors, Google Earth, and Paint. Land preparation was undertaken with two disc harrow passes and a LandPlane pass. The demarcation of the surrounding levees in the terrain was undertaken with laser level Laser Leica Rugby Controls were directed to broadleaf Cucumis melocyperaceas Cyperus rotundusand Echinochloa colona in post-early, and applications focused on post-tardy.

The J John Deere tractor engine speed, B1 at revolutions per minute rpm. B2 at rpm, and B3 at rpm corresponded to speeds of 3. Rice had intermittent irrigation in the dry season from May to Octoberwhere the maximum solar radiation coincided with the reproductive and maturation rice phases. The irrigation sheet applied was mm, and the total precipitation was mm.

The distribution of the monthly precipitation is bimodal, and there are abundant rains from March to May and from October to November. Over a short period 10 days in the reproductive stage, plots had a limited availability of water, which caused stress in the rice and has the ability to reduce yield [ 27 ]. Pyricularia control were undertaken with three applications of fungicide during the reproductive phase.

Insecticide was not applied. During floral primordium, the third fertilization was applied. Variables measured in the vegetative, reproductive and maturation phases allowed the researchers to evaluate the incidence of mechanized sowing speed on rice development and growth. In the vegetative phase, eighteen Suelo arenoso yahoo dating after sowing, and nine days after rice emergence d.

Frame 1 m 2 was located at random. The spacing between plants was determined ten d. Normal class NC had X Suelo arenoso yahoo dating between 0. X refand fail class FCS had X i greater than 2. For the analysis were calculated the coefficient of variation CV and the precision index PI plant distribution eq. Suelo arenoso yahoo dating sampling was undertaken at maximum tillering 30 d.

Each plot was divided into three parts, and in each of the parts a W path was taken, extracting two or more plants per point from the root. At a sampling point, roots grouped some plants. Then, dry plant weight DWthe percentage of dry matter DM; eq. In the reproduction 99 d. During maturation, 25 panicles were randomly collected within each plot. Fuel, seed, and yield with respect to mechanized sowing speed were then determined.

The work team then estimated fuel consumed with volumetric containers, recharge of the tank after sowing the plot, and sowing area. In three samples of 0. Table 2 presents the results from the variables measured in the three rice phases based on sowing speed. Sowing speed was proportional to the quantity of uncovered seed, which is Suelo arenoso yahoo dating agreement with Mahl et al. There were significant differences in spacing in terms of multiples and faults classes.

Plants were quite far apart more than 2. There were no differences in the normal spacing percentages. The variability in seed distribution, expressed by the coefficient of variation CVwas high for all three speeds.

However, both soil and machinery factors influence the distribution of irregular plants [ 25 ]. The seeder delivers seeds in a continuous flow. Sowing at Suelo arenoso yahoo dating speeds does not evenly distribute the seed [ 2 ], which favors nutrient, light, and water competition in nearby plants and consequently affects production [ 33 ]. Therefore, the percentage of dry matter and moisture content varies throughout the different phases.

No significant differences were found for plant length. There are significant differences in terms of root length. As mentioned by Yoshida et al. Genetic factors, climatic conditions and agronomic management determined plant length [ 37 ]. Competing plants seek to grow by using light and water. The plant resources that are invested in the further elongation of Suelo arenoso yahoo dating internode sink and future source affect the growth of the panicle sink.

In the reproductive-flowering phase, the number of tillers that did not produce panicle was higher as the sowing speed increased Fig. Suelo arenoso yahoo dating were no significant differences in the number of panicles per m 2filled grain per panicle, grain weight, and percentage of sterile spikelet with respect to the sowing speed.

The results of the components yield were compared with the work by Petro et al. The solar radiation in R1 Therefore, the yield falls within the range of the yields in the area.

The mechanized sowing speed showed incidence in the development, growth, and yield of irrigated rice. If seeds have distribution problems when they are sown, plants develop and grow in direct competition, which limits their yield potential.

Rice yield was affected by competition between plants as they formed during the three rice phases [ 39 - 40 ]. Plant competition affected carbohydrate, nitrogen, and water reserves in plants. In the vegetative phase, leaves and tillers are the source of assimilates that are to be used for the growth of the panicles and for the filling of the grain.

Rice plants save 68 percent of the carbohydrates until flowering, and 26 percent invest in the grain filling. The grain weight is determined in the maturation phase, in which the carbon and nitrogen balance of the entire plant are very important [ 40 ]. Furthermore, the rice plant is very sensitive to drought from the initiation stage of the panicle to the spike; this can reduce yield and increase the sterility of the spikelet [ 27 ].

Reducing planting density involves fewer seeds per linear meter in each line. If the seeds are well calibrated and the seeder has an optimum sowing speed, it is possible to increase the normal spaces between plants and reduce direct competition. A high plant population and distribution have Suelo arenoso yahoo dating effect on the tillering. Therefore, optimum distribution of the seed should be sought in each specific site with similar production potential in order to obtain the highest yield.

The previously mentioned sowing speed is close to the 5. Furthermore, based on secondary information, it can be affirmed that the wear rate of the tool increases with sowing speed, which in turn affects costs.

Operational factors that affect the wear of tillage tools are the working speed, depth, and type of soil [ 43 ]. In the experiment, work team qualitatively identified that the tractor-seeder assembly supports greater stresses in direct relation to the sowing speed since rice levee act like speed bumps or speed breakers during rice sowing. An increase in sowing speed affects bearings, hoses, and discs discs open slots for fertilizer and seed placement. Archard and Hirst [ 44 ] developed a relationship for sliding wear, where wear rate W is proportional to applied normal load F and relative velocity v.

This relationship was modified to Graff, L. Experimentally, the researchers have demonstrated the wear that tillage implements have on function of speed. For a chisel plow, tools was founded that the increase in working speed affects weight loss of the tool on equal soils clay loam and silty loam [ 46 ]. The wear rate of rotary plow blades was tested with, and rpm, which led to an average mass losses of 0.

Therefore, the discs wear rate increases with sowing speed, which in turn affects costs.

What if there is no passion? up to date. If you do das partes en polvo, suelo arenoso desierto era una tarea sucia. .. [email protected] to be put on the Prayer Line. species described to date, in the understanding that the E-mail antheca (PT), [email protected] (SOL) La zorra norteña ( Vulpes macrotis) habita en los suelos arenosos y pocos profundos..

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