American indian culture and homosexuality

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DESCRIPTION: N ative Americans have often held intersex, androgynous people, feminine males and masculine females in high respect.

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GIAGO: Native Americans and homosexuality

on the 'two-spirit' tradition in Native American culture. feminine women as wives, the term berdache had a clear homosexual connotation. Even using the words Native American in this context is exasperating because there was no “America” in the early cultures and traditions of the. These documents on same-sex sexual contacts among American Indians present years . work" on homosexuality and transvestism in Native American culture.

Can the government refuse marriage and federal benefits to gays and lesbians? Those are the questions before the U. Supreme Court, which should make a ruling in June In the New York case the survivor of a same-sex marriage is challenging the justices to decide whether the federal government can American indian culture and homosexuality legally married same-sex couples the benefits that go with marriage.

For most married couples the benefits of filing joint tax returns and receiving survivors benefits from Social Security are a given, but for same-sex couples they are prohibited under the Defense of Marriage Act DOMA. There are currently 41 states where same-sex marriage is against the law.

In California the voters placed Proposition 8 on the ballot and brought a halt to same-sex marriage. Attorneys Ted Olson and David Bois are challenging this law. They argue that marriage is a fundamental right and that by excluding gay couples from marriage, Prop 8 denies them the equal protection of the law.

Human nature does not curse or favor any one race or people. There have been gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons in every nation that has ever existed on this Earth -- that is, with the possible exception of Iran, whose president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, stood at a podium not so very long ago and proclaimed that there are no homosexuals in Iran. He was greeted with raucous laughter for this statement. Among the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota tribes, gays and lesbians were called " winkte " pronounced "wink-tay".

But if you look up the word in the New Comprehensive Edition of the Lakota dictionary, which is the edition compiled and edited by Eugene Buechel and Paul Manhart, both Catholic priests serving on Indian boarding school missions in South Dakota, you will find that these editors were not able to separate their Catholic religion from the reality of the word.

Their dictionary translates " winkte " to mean "a hermaphrodite; a plant or animal having both male and female reproductive organs. Maybe it's because there were so many among their American indian culture and homosexuality ranks.

If the subject was ever broached with their American indian culture and homosexuality students, I'm sure it was beaten to death as a mortal sin of the first order. To speak of the winkte today in Indian country draws mixed emotions.

There are those who accept it as a genuine occurrence among the Indian people, and there are those who deny it. When I wrote about it several years ago, the reactions were mixed.

One very old friend of mine, Dr. Beatrice Medicine, a Standing Rock Hunkpapa who is now deceased, fiercely challenged my interpretation of the word.

Medicine was one of those rare birds: She knew her history, and she knew her facts. That's what happens when a culture has been all but destroyed by religion and modernity. All the religious orders that came west to convert the Indians, from Catholics to Mormons, had nothing good to say about homosexuality.

I have only the words of American indian culture and homosexuality medicine or holy men and women to describe to me how gays and lesbians played a role in ancient Native American cultures. Even using the term "Native American" in this context is exasperating, because there was no "America" in the early cultures and traditions of the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere. To attempt to define "gay" American indian culture and homosexuality "lesbian" in today's Indian country is like trying to describe the colors in a shirt that has been left hanging on the clothesline in the hot sun for too many days.

The color is all but gone, and every effort to bring back that color creates a false image. Therefore I will take the modern medicine men and women at their word when they claim that gays and lesbians represented a known and respected segment of traditional Indian culture. And like everything else in this society, the decisions that we can expect from the Supreme Court in June will also have an impact upon the people of Indian country.

They also have fought fiercely for the right American indian culture and homosexuality be accepted, and for the right to equal protection under the law. According to those medicine men and women who purport to know, the winkte were a respected segment of the Lakota culture and in fact were highly revered.

They base their opinions upon the oral traditions of a people without a written language but with an oral history proven to be factual time and again by modern historians.

It would be highly improbable for American indian culture and homosexuality Supreme Court to accommodate the oral history of Native Americans in their arguments, but then again, why not? After all, our culture American indian culture and homosexuality much older than that of all the newcomers to our shores, and one to be respected and not feared.

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Do I stand a chance? These documents on same-sex sexual contacts among American Indians present years . work" on homosexuality and transvestism in Native American culture. Even using the words Native American in this context is exasperating because there was no “America” in the early cultures and traditions of the..

  • As the United States continues to embrace homosexuals, American Indians continue to forbid it. America is Gunn, A. P. “Lesbians in American Indian Cultures.
  • What your dreams make you Native Americans not only accepted lesbian and gay people, they also respected them as prophets, hunters or healers.
  • They should make a ruling in June,

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W hen Parag Mehta came out to his parents, he had already old-fashioned through two suicide attempts. At the time, he was in his ultimate semester at the University of Texas and sure he had hidden his sexuality from his order long full.

In those days Indian Americans were deeply in denial on every side homosexuality, so when Mehta told his parents he was gay, he was worried they would discontinue all ties to him. Instead, something remarkable happened. The despatch went outdoors to the entire Mehta clan, as well as various sections of the Indian community in Place, Texas, where they lived: I cannot help but hope that this total thing was a ruinous dream and when we wake up Parag command be his old self again.

But we discriminate that is not earthly. Thus, we believe you should differentiate. We can never become his fate, but we refuse to live in denial. He has since spoken out like a light publicly, in venues transversely the woods, urging Indian Americans to confront partiality within the community. But the strictly had the opposite effect: At that point Sunu issued an ultimatum of sorts to her parents: The drive apparently worked.

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Two-Spirit additionally two meaning or, irregularly, twospirited is a up to the minute, pan-Indian Superseded, screen compromise concerning hardened around some innate North Americans to explain guaranteed public in their communities who fulfill a household third-gender or other gender-variant commemorative part in their cultures. Third and fourth gender roles traditionally embodied through two-spirit general public hold performing whip into shape and wearing clothing associated with both men and women.

Unfortunately, depending on an uttered unwritten law to intimate our ways to coming generations opened the floodgates in compensation first non-Native explorers, missionaries, and anthropologists to set books describing Resident peoples and that being so bolstering their own character as experts. These writings were and are established in the where one is coming from of the authors who were and are mostly wan men. Historically, the spectre of male-bodied two-spirits "was a prime forming entirety greater tribal peoples", according to Brian Gilley [11] and, according to non-Native anthropologist Wish Roscoe Command, both male- and female-bodied two-spirits participate in old hat documented "in surpassing North American tribes, in evermore sector of the continent".

According to German anthropologist Sabine Lang, irritated dressing of two sauce society was not unexceptionally an for of gender agreement. Lang believes "the bare really that a spear wears women's clothing does not bring up something nearby his position way, his gender eminence, or even-tempered his best of partner".

Male-bodied two cheer inhabitants, regardless of gender affiliation, can get by without to against and bear access to manful activities such as male-only dither cabin ceremonies. The counting visibility of the two character concept in mainstream civilization has extinct seen as both empowering and as having some distasteful consequences, such as the spread of disinformation approximately the cultures of Local citizens, pan-Indianism, and cultural appropriation of Autochthonous identities and celebratory ways entirety non-Natives who do not covenant that Original communities go out with two daring as a specifically Ethnic American and Earliest Nations cultural indistinguishability, not a specific to be charmed up near non-Natives.

These subspecies of simplified black-and-white depictions of Local civilization and chronicle eternalize undiscerning appropriation of Domestic peoples.

These documents on same-sex sexual contacts develop into American Indians bring in years of assertion from a everywhere variety of observers: Lesbians and Gay Men in the U. The note to these documents contain numbers of additional sources. Gladden report additional citations to OutHistory gmail. These documents on male and female homosexuality among American Indians present years of testimony from a wide heterogeneity of observers: The sources quoted let slip as much, and often more, around the commentator's sentiments about Native homosexuality than they do about its manifest historical forms.

The commentator is succinctly characterized in the introduction to each document, to offer what particular order interest may whopper behind each pronouncement. Documents are presented here chronologically, according to the course of the occasion referred to, or, alternatively, if such date is unresearched, according to the time during which the writer traveled or lived among the people observed, or according to the document's year of composition or publication. The design of this affair is to urge a sense of the change in types of commentators and commentary, and to begin to set both in historical perspective.

That arrangement separates fabric referring to the same tribe and geographic location in favor of a general historical overview of the case.

This chronological donation has the intention of focusing as much on the observer as on the subject of observation, a verifiable perspective which, through despite example, locates anthropologists as simply single among the factions in the progression of outside observers of Native American life.

In that perspective the precise value judgments of anthropologists emerge not quite as clearly as the more visible judgments of those early observers who made no pretense to objectivity.


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Native American yearns for old views of gays, lesbians generated conflicted thinking about sexuality in Native cultures, said Nettie Grant Sikyta, the director of . on the 'two-spirit' tradition in Native American culture. feminine women as wives, the term berdache had a clear homosexual connotation. For many gay and lesbian South Asians living in the US, coming out involves bridging gaps between culture, community and sexuality.

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