Yes Round to zero: Soli Deo Gloria ID: I understand this is a beta, but this needs to be addressable in production code. The HD XT introduced a lot of firsts. See article on R’s pixel shaders. A few AIB partners offered a black and silver cooler exclusive to the bit model of the Pro.

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I looked in Lunatics Installer v0.

So no, you don’t have to use the ones from the manufacturer. As of Julyother operating system are not officially supported.

AMD “RV” / “RV” and NVIDIA GeForce Series Details Unveiled

Which can support OpenCL, but not all manufactures enabled it in their firmware. Reports has that the first batch of the RV core silicon revision A12only being released to system rv6110has a bug that hindered the UVD from working properly, but other parts of the die operated normally.

All Mobility Radeon HD series share the same feature set support as their desktop counterparts, as well as the addition of the battery-conserving PowerPlay 7. None Cache line size: Link Send message Joined: A compatible HDCP display is also needed for this.


The HD XT introduced a lot of firsts. What does this mean, is this the laptop manufacturer driver ‘v8.

AMD “RV610” / “RV630” and NVIDIA GeForce 8600-Series Details Unveiled

See article on R’s pixel shaders. I wouldn’t like to suggest him an app, and then the laptop will do ‘strange’ things.

Several reports from owners of HD Pro suggest the card do not fully support hardware decoding for all H. I got more infos from the owner. BilBg Volunteer tester Send message Joined: AFAIK, laptop user must use the drivers from the laptop manufacturer, right?

OpenGL capabilities report: Gallium on AMD RV

We will see if the file will install the driver or will say something like ‘not possible to install the driver’. The development board used for demonstration was a PCI Express 2.

Thx, rg610 hook up that laptop on the Collatz when I get home! Global Local memory size: The HD GPU dice do not have a UVD core, as its stream processors were powerful enough to handle most of the steps of video acceleration in its stead except for entropy decoding and bitstream processing which are left for the CPU to perform.


It’s an on-board ATI radeon The 6XX series of cards do not have the required hardware to execute OpenCL kernels, so this should not have been displayed as available for execution. I tried some of the example, ev610 also a tiny one:.

Retrieved February 20, The free and open-source “Radeon” graphics device drivers are not reverse engineered, but based on documentation released by AMD. Soli Deo Gloria ID: I’ve attached the openCL info of the graphics-card. All variants support CrossFireX rc610.

Radeon HD 2000 series

This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat I don’t recall it being noticeably better performing than just running CPU-based AstroPulse on its own. From the Lunatics v0. The Radeon HD series used a bit-wide memory bus.

I tried some of the example, and also a tiny one: