I’ve tried different buffer sizes but it seems to make no difference anymore. Very handy tool to befriend. Speakafreaka , Oct 8, The “VST Connections” are to connect the virtual buses in Cubase with the physical inputs and outputs of your hardware inputs and outputs. That means we can make an informed purchase-decision before parting with our hard-scrounged cash You’ll probably won’t want to own up to this but if you’ve been working with Cubase prior to the Cubase SX release, then take heart that you’re not the first to suffer this embarrassing Steinberg oversight

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Select your sample from within the Cubaxe window and hit the character “P” button on your keyboard. Other things to think about are the signal level going into the plugin and how hard you are driving the input. Your name or email address: The time must be set to zero.

Log in or Sign up. Not a lot of online stores go to that trouble and it can’t be easy for them to do with the vast array of music gear they sell. Or, for first-timers breaking into the Cubase environment, Cubase SE.

Very handy tool to befriend.


In some cases the device port can already be assigned correctly. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Cubase SX3 is out!

ASIO Driver Setup

It’s probable that the card is set to record in ” What You Hear ” mode – This routes all audio coming out of the card back into cibase input. TheWhippinpost has more Cubase SX tutorials to read around the site and there are more planned soon so check them out and get ’em bookmarked!

The quadrafuzz issue smacks of denormals. Company Press Careers Distributors. No, create an account now.

Cubase 5 ASIO Peaks

Generally it is recommended to enable the option only when required. Virtually impossible to see the directions of the arrows but there ya go, that’s probably it heheheh. Dump to audio track Timestretch a Sample Latency: All original songs copyright of TheWhippinpost.

I have tried changign the setting for unload vst3 plugins when no audio is being received. SpeakafreakaOct 8, I thought it might be a single VST instrument sz the problem I recall the same problem happening randomly with SX3 too Quickly set the Left and Right locators around a selected part by just hitting ” p ” on your computer keyboard. Then, activate the Hitpoint mode button Pictured below. I have experienced peaks when there is no vsts running so i’m not too sure if its to do with the buffer settings.


Some VST synth’s can weigh heavily on your CPU meaning that anything else playing at the same time may ucbase to “jerk” or stutter during playback. ApollyonSep 30, If you choose the “Getting Started” guide you will also find more cuabse information to Cubase. As with most software, the retail value is reflected in the license to use this product.

Damn Aasio, there has got to be a solution to this surely?? Double-click on the Event to open the Sample Editor. Online audio and MIDI loop calculators for temponote-to-frequencytime-stretching and more besides. You could also try noise gating the signal prior to quadrafuzz at a very, very, very low level. Then go to the Control Panel and lower the latency settings by adjusting the ” Buffer Size Asuo ” settings until happy. Using SoundBlaster Live to record a live instrument onto an audio track whilst playing back the sequenced song in Cubase SX, also records the song as well.