Concatenated Application Program Data Set Support The set of total application programs necessary to run a system may be maintained across multiple application program data sets. If sensitive data is sent over external communication facilities user management may wish to pursue the application of cryptography. If the intelligent workstation was accessing the VVOL, the download would fail. The presence of multiple images will allow the user to test updates while maintaining existing, working images. The format of the image created will be identical to the sequential images created for the 8-inch diskettes.

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BIBLIOGRAPHY “LANDP Introduction and Planning” IBM Library Server

This function is available on Processors and Model X03 Controllers only. The following publications, which are useful during installation, will be available on September 28, You can control which client hosts can see and access storage volumes by mapping and masking client hosts.

Cryptographic Programming GC Volume 6: Concatenated application program data sets set support, Generation data set support, Host Diskette Image Create support for diskette images.

A menu-driven facility, HSX includes test support and network administration capabilities. In this case, create a cluster and add hosts, and then map the cluster to volumes. A vevice storage access method – VSAM.

Through this mapping, the host system is able to access the mapped volume through the included initiator ports. The XIV system architecture for masking and mapping involves the following objects on two kinds of devices: These modules will be available in object code.


Up to 20 Host Services jobs may be concurrently active. For a current list of publications, contact your local IBM representative. A network control program. Product Positioning The Host Support licensed program provides for installation, development, and maintenance of the Finance Communication System. User management is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

Generation Data Set Support Generation data sets allow multiple images to be maintained on the same media and via a command, select which image to use for system initialization.

If sensitive data is sent over defice communication facilities user management may wish to pursue the application of cryptography. A telecommunications access method. To ensure uninterrupted data availability, map a logical volume to allow access from multiple ports, target IDs or both.

However, the user programs will require reassembly and CPGENs will require minimum source code changes to take advantage of the new functions. Virtual Volume Downline Load Enhancements allows operator to prioritize the business tasks when updating intelligent workstation applications. At least the minimum hardware and software environments in which the Host Support Program, with or without the HSX feature, will operate A systems administrator, who has responsibility for planning, installing, maintaining, and administering this product.


Masking and Mapping profile

The Test Support Monitor useability has been enhanced. A facility is provided to allow a single automatic retry of failed transmissions.

It is designed to aid users operating in an MVS system environment. The orderable program number for Host Support is This virtual storage is in Private Storage. The set of supported HSP commands has been expanded: The IBM Host Support Extensions feature is designed to operate with the current release of the following programs: This release of Host Support allows this enabling function to be performed at a centralized host site by a single operator, thereby reducing the complexity of adding new or specialized microcode to current environments.

The presence of multiple images will allow the user defice test updates while maintaining existing, working images.

You can map a host to volumes. Growth Enablement Enhancements to Enabling Function Management increases the uses of the controller by allowing the addition of new functions that can be added from a centrally-located host site. Customer Responsibilities The customer must provide: