Frederic Beudot Digital Source: It has full bass that’s very well controlled, a lively high end that’s very non-directional, and sweet mids. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The Jordan JX92S will work in a number of enclosures alternatives. Building it – Updated – fixed dimensions!

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The JX92S is constructed on an aluminum die-cast frame.

Jordan JX92S Fullrange Loudspeaker Driver / Transducer

In the case of the speaker, it translates joedan easily-heard differences depending on what gear it likes to be paired with and what gear it does not. Over jc92s three Road Tour interactions and subsequent visits, Michael and Robin have become friends. You need jjx92s drill through the front AND through the angled baffle. In any case, if you’re looking for a fairly easy to build single-driver speaker, and have about 10 watts to drive it, I suggest you seriously consider this driver.

For additional information, photographs and discussion about this project see the Forum thread: The Jordan JX92S is a 5″ metal cone fullrange driver which is listed by the manufacturer as having an X max of 9 mm. The port dimension is also pretty critical – small changes in the model made significant changes in the bass response.

Last update 10 September While it is relatively expensive, to me it is worth every penny and more.

An instrument’s sound will emanate from a stable area but will never have its boundaries as precisely defined as over the best narrow-baffled monitors. I finished the enclosures this evening around 6pm. Join us on Facebook Here.


Typically about 3 to 6 dB of attenuation is a good. I have been working on these for quite a while now cut the wood over new years.

DIY Jordan JX92S bookshelfs

The angles are a little tricky to do; I made a jig and cut them on the table saw. Highs were amazingly detailed and present, especially considering there is no tweeter in the system at all.

I only have about 3hrs on them and cannot js92s to fire them up again jx9s, will probably listen well into the night. Forums New posts Search forums. My latest, and best speaker project: If there was any doubt about Robin’s ability to identify truly unique sounding components and match them for utmost synergy, I would only have to refer you to Jordn Lavorgna’s RoadTour 3 and 3B which cover in detail all of Robin’s systems which, as you would expect, have continued to evolve since Michael wrote his articles.

Nothing sacred about this, it just made sense to me, and matched the material I had in the garage! The driver should be gasketed – I used some gooey stuff I had sitting around that I got from one of the speaker companies.

Thread starter billnchristy Start date Feb 22, Using a 2″ drill bit, I clamped the whole speaker box on the drill press. The table below shows a comparison of the measured and published specifications. I guess the big tipoff on these speakers was that there were many speakers to listen too, and these stayed in the system for a long xj92s and people kept coming back to them. This driver is also the least directional full-range driver I’ve used.


If your allegiance is not yet made or primarily to your wallet, enter the Ridge. Some Buying Advice Please Latest: From corner loading with the vents facing outwards to inches away from the front wall with vents inward; from a smaller and well damped office to a large and extremely reverberant bedroom; the Ridges managed to pull realistic imaging, dynamics and even bass weight from their single four-inchers.

The Jordan Iordan will work in a number of enclosures alternatives. The calculated -3dB point is about 30 Hz. These parts are the ones that I made form Baltic birch, and how I laid them out on a piece of birch ply I had lefty over from another project. They will give an otherwise tippy speaker some stability.

Here’s the estimated frequency response as calculated in the model:. They seem to be a bit on the power hungry side, but sounded amazing with a pair of McIntosh MC monoblocks.