The result is a linear fit on a semilog plot, allowing extraction of diode parameters including ideality factor n and saturation current I 0. The “full” installer for this software includes the above libraries. Modify behavior of certain functions: Regardless of type, you will need to find and install the appropriate drivers. Data will be plotted as a time series on the graph. If the instrument type or address are incorrectly configured, this will result in a communication error.

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Comparison of diode V-I sweeps using fixed 10 mA range left and auto range with mA compliance right. The bias will be applied to the device under test, and measurements will be recorded continuously.

Keithley ke238 Power Supply

Message keithleh of However, if a sweep returns puzzling results, or takes dramatically longer than intended, turn off auto-range as one of the first troubleshooting steps. The time between measurements is determined by the software “sweep delay” setting, as well as instrument settings including the selected sensitivity range, integration period, and number of averages.

So in other programs, for example in using “fixed level. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Advanced instrument commands enable custom instrument commands to be integrated within the software’s sweep and DC-mode routines. The “slope neighborhood” field sets the number of points over which each slope is calculated. You want to break up your code into subVIs. This occurs automatically during DC measurements.


If the instrument type or address are keihley configured, this will result in a communication error. This software was built and tested with NI Serial version Newer generation SMUs e. To copy the graph as an image, exactly as it is displayed on screen, right-click on the graph area and select “Copy data.

Graph zoom preset keys: Technical support is not generally available; however, feel free to contact me with bug reports or ideas. Store graph zoom preset Shift Modify behavior of certain functions: Enter the instrument address first, then select the SMU type.

If kkeithley find this software to be especially useful, please write me a note to kfithley me know, or acknowledge it in your paper or thesis. Sweep delay specifies the delay between voltage or current steps in a sweep, and is programmed to the Jeithley prior to sweep start. However, it can cause variations in sweep rates high-sensitivity ranges have longer measurement delayand it does not work well with certain devices or noisy kiethley.

The preset will be associated with whichever sweep type is shown on the screen including all settings for that sweep typethe most recently performed analysis type and options if performedand the most recently performed export action save or copy, if either.


Averages controls digital integration on the SMU. Most Active Software Boards: The first two sweep modes, V-I sweep and I-V sweep are continuous, linear-stair sweeps, and are similar in operation: The software is provided AS-IS with absolutely no warranty, and may function unpredictably or unreliably, or even in ways contradictory to documentation or prior behavior.

Help — IV Software

The accuracy of these time values is not specified. Message 2 of Sometimes, the integrated power or charge values will report ‘NaN’ not a number. Message 1 of 3.

The resistance fit performs a linear fit to a selected region of I-V data, and is useful for these applications. This software works with Keithley 23X and 24XX series source meter units SMUs to perform common types of current-voltage characterization of two-terminal devices.

Keithley High Current Source Measure Un – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

Or did you just not use them? This software is freeware, for non-commercial use only.

Config delay is a software setting that specifies the approximate time delay between preparing the SMU for a sweep, and commanding the start of the sweep.